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Party Wall Surveying
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GHPC offers a comprehensive party wall surveying service, throughout England & Wales, delivered in full compliance with the Party Wall Act 1996.  


We can fulfil any role as defined within the Act - as agreed surveyor, adjoining owner’s surveyor or the third surveyor, giving impartial & independent advice throughout.  

  • Legal liability as fully independent Party Wall Surveyor.

  • Establish ownership of all parties / interests in each property, detailing all properties, identifying party wall situations, identifying all parties with a legal interest.

  • Liaise with adjoining owners, confirming legal interest, status, contacts, providing advice on Party Wall Act / processes, negotiate to act as agreed surveyor.

  • Liaise with and advise building owner.

  • Liaison with designers as required.

  • Issue relevant notices to adjoining owners: issue of formal notices, drawings and party wall information within pre-determined timescales to all adjoining owners.

  • Liaise with adjoining owner surveyor and/or third surveyors as required.

  • Pre-works condition survey of party walls.

  • Prepare initial party wall awards: prepare awards as required, negotiate agreement for works with adjoining owners / surveyors, agree commencement.

  • Agree and issue party wall awards: issue full party wall award to all appointed surveyors, receive fully signed documents from all surveyors.

  • Monitor works on-site during construction phase, as required.

  • Close out award: issue completion letter to all adjoining owners/surveyors.

Download our Party Wall Guides which explain more about the requirements of the Act and provide some useful definitions. 

Party Wall Guides

Our advice extends to Developers, Builders and also those affected by construction works, regarding the requirements of the Act, ensuring that works are adequately planned, statutory notices are presented / received within required timescales, and ensuring that works are carried out in compliance with the law, dealing with adjoining owners and their surveyors (if appointed) to smooth over any issues, ultimately ensuring that works can be carried out within programme and without undue disruption to those affected by the works. 


A typical Party Wall Surveying service includes:

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for Building Owners
for Adjoining Owners
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