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GHPC Group Ltd has extensive experience of the CDM Regulations; from the inception of the first regulations in 1994 through to the third version from 2015. As a company, GHPC has acted extensively as Planning Supervisor, CDM Co-ordinator and now Principal Designer throughout the UK, advising all Dutyholders on their responsibilities and assisting Clients, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors to carry out their duties in accordance with the law.


As a Design company, GHPC has considerable experience of managing the design process, overseeing risk inherent in design and ensuring that design work fully considers eliminating, reducing & mitigating risk, a perfect complement to the new CDM 2015 legislation.


Below we provide you with an overview of our typical Principal Designer service.

Principal Designer

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What to expect from GHPC's Principal Designer Service


As Principal Designer, our typical service will include:  

General Duties

  • Review & assess adequacy of existing project information

  • Advise Client of additional relevant information required for Pre-Construction Information

  • Provide initial project-specific Pre-Construction Information to Designers & anyone investigating / assessing the site

  • Co-ordinate matters relating to Health & Safety in design work during the pre-construction phase

  • Assess Skills, Knowledge, Capability & Experience (SKE) of Design Team on behalf of the Client (as required)

  • Attend Project + Design Team Meetings

  • Chair Regular Design Risk Reviews (as required)

  • Review & co-ordinate project Design Risk Assessment Process

  • Manage flow of Health & Safety Information between Client, Designers & Principal Contractors

  • Agree Health & Safety File format during pre-construction phase

  • Produce Pre-Construction Information for Tender Pack

  • Provide Principal Designer advice & input to tender review (as required)

  • Assess Skills, Knowledge, Capability & Experience (SKE) of Principal Contractor on behalf of the Client (as required)

  • Liaise with Principal Contractor through pre-construction phase

  • Provide the relevant Pre-Construction Information to the Principal Contractor

  • Review the Principal Contractor’s initial Construction Phase H&S Plan (CPHSP)

  • Advise Client on suitability of the CPHSP and Welfare Arrangements of the Principal Contractor

  • Continue to co-ordinate matters relating to Health & Safety in design work

  • Prepare the full Health & Safety File

  • Prepare a Draft Health & Safety File for the pre-construction stage and hand over to Principal Contractor to complete

  • Health & Safety File Review Service, where a third party prepares the H&S File for the project

  • Liability as Statutory Principal Designer

  • Provide CDM and Health & Safety advice to Client as necessary

  • Issue F10 Notifications for project on behalf of Client

  • Plan, manage, monitor & co-ordinate matters relating to Health & Safety during the pre-construction phase

Planning & Initial Design Stage

Tender Stage

Construction Stage

Health & Safety File

Depending on the Client’s requirements, there are three possible options whereby GHPC Group Ltd can provide H&S File Services to a project:

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Principal Designer
Client CDM Advisor
CDM Advisor to PD
Consortium CDM
CDM 2015 - Guidance
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